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The Figo Affair: Netflix's deep dive documentary about controversial Barça - Real Madrid transfer

Everything you need to know about the Netflix football documentary around Luis Figo's transfer from Barca to Real

Luis Figo once found himself at the centre of one of the most controversial transfers football had ever seen, and a remarkable agreement that took him from Barcelona to Real Madrid is set to become the subject of a Netflix documentary. El Caso Figo, or The Figo Affair, will offer unique insight into how a stunning deal was done and why it caused such a fuss.

Some 20 years on from a transfer that sent shock waves around the world, Netflix has gained access to the men that made a move possible and found themselves filling prominent roles in a thrilling sporting soap opera.

The documentary will also dive into the business of backroom deals, a historic and passionate rivalry that is shaped by a deep cultural divide and, of course, that pig’s head.

The Figo Affair will be made available to stream on Netflix from August 25, 2022.

The documentary has been made by David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas, who are best known for their work on the biographical film ‘Pele’ from 2021.

Tryhorn has said of turning attention towards another all-time great: "After the success of Pele, Ben and I were delighted to partner with Netflix again on El Caso Figo.


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